Z Man Turbo Fattyz 6 Inch Watermelon Red 5 Pack

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Z-Man's Turbo FattyZ is a beefed-up, bulked-up swimming worm, putting good vibes in the water with its distinctive curved paddletail. It's an advanced tail design, built with intel from Z-Man pro Miles "Sonar" Burghoff, that swims and thumps at all retrieve speeds, including on the fall. Salt impregnation in the main body tickles bass taste buds and adds extra casting density, especially effective for fishing on an unweighted hook. The super adaptable Mag FattyZ fishes any way you want, whether it's buzzing the surface, swimming, or wacky Texas/Carolina-rigging. Available in 8 distinctive Z-Man color patterns. TFAT-18PK5 is 6 inches, Watermelon Red in color, and comes in 5 pack.

Beefy swimming worm designed in conjunction with Z-Man pro Miles 'Sonar' Burghoff

10X Tough ElaZtech construction offers extreme durability and buoyancy

Curved paddle tail design produces thumping action at all retrieve speeds and even on the fall

Salt impregnated to provide extra bulk for long casts when fished unweighted

Ideal for buzzing on the surface, swimming, Texas rigging, and Carolina rigging

Available in 8 color schemes to fit a variety of applications, locales, and water conditions