Yo Zuri Mag Popper F 130mm 5.25in Green Mackerel

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The Yo-Zuri Mag Series Mag Popper is a top water popper lure. Designed with an irresistible gigantic water pushing face. Which make it perfect for stop and go retrieves, or a pause/jerk/pop technique, or a fast popping retrieve. The new Weight Transfer System makes for unbelievably long casts are features developed by Yo-Zuri's product development teams working closely with their pro-staff saltwater anglers.

Gigantic topwater popper with irrestable water pushing face

Perfect for stop and go retrieve

fast popping retrieve or pause/jerk/pop technique

Features new patented weight transfer system for really long casts

3x Heavy Duty hooks and split rings

Body is tough Durable ABS Resin

Designed by Yo-zuri development team and their saltwater pro staff team