Tek Mat Ultra 44 Ar15 Cut Away

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TekMat AR-15 Cut Away 15"x44" Premium Gun Cleaning Mat, Black. Made from polyester and neoprene materials along with dye sublimation printing for durable longevity, this black gun cleaning TekMat is an ideal maintenance product for the avid AR-15 rifle or pistol owner. Work on your AR platform with confidence by taking advantage of the crisp polyester surface with vibrant printed parts list and exploded 3D view of the firearm which will not scratch off nor fade. 

The soft thermoplastic fiber surface ensures your gun doesn’t get scratched while the extra thick, .25” vulcanized rubber will protect your work surface and prevent the mat from sliding.

This mat will also keep harmful chemicals, oil and dirt from penetrating down to your desk, bench or work area where you normally clean and work on your gun

The oversized design gives you plenty of room to disassemble your handgun and to clean it without having to move parts all over

This heat transferred printing impregnates the ink into the fibers for a lifetime of durability. TekMat does not silkscreen their designs like a lot of other inferior gun cleaning mat manufacturers

The cleaning mat rolls up for easy storage along with your other cleaning supplies and accessories