Sure Fire Firepak Video Illumination Tool I Phone Plus

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This revolutionary illuminator and charger enables all smartphone users to shoot vibrant high-quality video at night or in poorly lit spaces--something never before possible! It features two high-performance LEDs whose light output is shaped by two specially developed reflectors that create a blended beam shaped to perfectly fit a 16:9 HD video frame--and with an effective range past 50 feet when in its high 1500-lumen setting. Fire Pak's dispersed light pattern and far-reaching range renders breathtaking video images 24/7 and can also be used for still photos. It has five output levels that are selectable via its integrated slide switch so the right amount of light can be selected. And it also offers up to 1.5 recharges of your smartphone. Users can easily recharge their phones, or the Fire Pak itself, via integral USB ports. And, of course, the Fire Pak is an unmatched security light for navigating--city or countryside--in the dark. Never before has such a product existed. It'll be indispensable to anyone with a smartphone. Surefire offers high-quality smartphone cases (sold for the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5) that permit the Fire Pak's secure attachment to the phone for worry-free carry and shooting in daily life. Never be left in the dark. Fire Pak--it's only from Surefire.

Two high-performance LEDs and multifaceted reflectors create 1,500 lumens of perfect light specially designed to light 16:9 HD video

Single high output level of 1, 500 lumens, strong enough to also serve as a searchlight

Integrated rails securely attach to popular smartphones via specially developed Surefire cases

Energy-dense Li-ion battery provides extensive power and runtime for illumination (video and security) and sufficient power to re-charge smartphones up to two times, depending on model

USB and Micro-USB ports provide simple capability to charge your smartphone and also to recharge the Fire Pak itself