Sol Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket Od Green

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When you need discreet coverage and protection in the harshest conditions, the S.O.L. Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket can protect you and help you survive outdoors. This all-purpose blanket is designed to be used as a survival shelter, tent ground tarp, gear cover, or load hauler. With its durable material it'll survive whatever task you throw at it for multiple adventures. The blanket weighs only 7.9 oz and unfolds to 5 x 8 feet, making it a compact and lightweight survival tool for your pack. The windproof and waterproof coating helps to keep you warm and it reflects 90 percent of radiated body heat, providing you with warmth and keeping you dry in all emergencies. Stay prepared for any adventure and all conditions with the Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket.

Survival blanket is OD green color for outdoor camouflage; measures 5 x 8 feet when unfolded

Waterproof and windproof material protects you from high winds and the harshest outdoor elements

Reflects 90 percent of radiated body heat for a thermal blanket that will keep you warm in an emergency

Reusable emergency blanket is durable enough for multiple adventures; folds up for compact storage

All purpose blanket can be used as an emergency shelter, ground tarp, gear cover, or load hauler