Sog Seal Pup Elite Nylon Sheath Black Ti Ni Straight Edge

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SEAL Knife Series: After surviving one of the most extensive test and evaluation programs ever undertaken by the U.S. Government that included knives from most U.S. cutlery manufacturers, the SOG SEAL knife triumphed. The SEALs are one of the most specialized elite military groups in the world today. SEALs must undergo one of the most rigorous training programs devised to produce the consummate warrior. Only a select few endure and earn the right to wear the SEAL Trident on their uniform. The knife needed to accompany a Navy SEAL must be just as worthy. The US Government's knife evaluation program included incredible tests that evaluated the following: tip breaking strength, blade toughness, sharpness and edge retention, handle twist-off limits, two-week salt water immersions, gasoline and acetylene torch resistance, chopping, hammering, prying, penetration performance, cutting ability for six different types of rope and nylon line, low noise and low reflection factors, and intense hands-on training in the field. Now available for the civilian market in several sizes, you be assured that the SEALs have done their homework, so you don't have to. The SEAL Pup Elite is the high performance edition to the family of SEAL Pup knives.

Blade length: 4.85 in

Overall length: 9.50 in

Blade material: AUS-8

Handle material: GFN

Comes complete with a Nylon sheath

Weight: 5.40 oz

Blade style: Clip point