Smiths 6 In Dual Grit Medium Whetsone

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The Smith's 6 in Dual Grit double-sided whetstone offers 325 grit and 750 grit in one stone. The new 6 in x 1.75 in sized whetstone rests in a plastic base and has a plastic lid to protect the stone when not in use. During use, the plastic lid can be inserted into the bottom of the stone base to extend the height of the base and make sharpening your knife safer. The user’s fingers grip lower on the base and remove any chance of cutting your fingers when pulling or pushing the knife’s cutting edge across the sharpening surface.

6 in Dual Grit Medium Whetstone

Sharpens and Polishes edge

Works on Single or double bevel knives

Cover doubles as base extension

Coarse 325 and Med 750 Grit