Range Medic Medical Kit

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The Range Medic is designed to be your go to bag for gunshot or penetrating trauma injuries. Whether you are out shooting with your buddies and someone goes down or you get caught in a bad place you need to be prepared to make the save and stop the bleed. This kit has everything you need to ensure bleeding is stopped whether it is a compressible or non-compressible injury.  The kit also includes airway management via NPA and chest seals for penetrating trauma to the chest. Now is not the time to skimp which is why the tourniquet and hemostatic agent are CoTCCC approved.


Kit Contents-


  • (1) NAR C-A-T Tourniquet Gen 7
  • (1) Combat Gauze Z-Fold Hemostatic Agent
  • (1) 5×9 Combine pad
  • (2) Pair Nitrile Gloves L
  • (1) Olaes bandage 4”
  • (1) 4” Non-Sterile Conforming Gauze



  • (1) 28 Nasopharyngeal airway W/ Lube
  • (1) Hyfin Compact Chest Seal Twin Pack Vented



  • (1) Aspirin 325 MG
  • (1) Benadryl 50 MG



  • (1) Laderal CPR Mask
  • (1) Standard Shears
  • (1) Towelette
  • (1) Permanent Marker



Orca Tactical EMT pouch