Pulsar Helion 2 Xp50 Pro 2.5 20 Thermal Monocular

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The Helion 2 XP50 Pro thermal imaging monocular from Pulsarfor hunting, forestry, personal security, life rescue and recreational outdoor activities. The unit features built-in video recorder, stadiametric rangefinder, long-life quick-change battery and Wi-Fi module for connecting smartphone or tablet. For image acquisition Helion 2 XP50 Pro uses top-quality thermal imaging FPA with 640x480 resolution (17 µm pixel pitch, <25 mK NETD) operating at 50 frames per second.

Highly sensitive thermal imaging sensor 25

Long Detection Range up to 1800 m (2000 yd)

Image Boost Technology


Built-in Photo and Video Recorder and Wi-Fi integration with IOS and Android devices

8 Color Palettes

Up to 8 hours Operation Time on single charge