Marine Metal Cool Bubbles 8 Quart Foam Bucket And Pump Kit

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The Cool Bubbles bait bucket kit includes an extra thick insulated foam bait bucket with rope handle and a Bubble Box aerator. This exceptional Bubble Box aeration pump comes with 24 inches of airline tubing and a weighted air stone for use in any bait bucket up to 5 gallons. It is designed to work in both fresh and salt water and is great for ice-fishing. Key factors for keeping bait fish, minnows and shrimp alive and lively include proper aeration, water temperature maintenance and controlling water acidity. The Cool Bubbles insulated bait bucket kit with aerator is ideal for proper aeration and maintaining constant water temperature; changing the water in the bait bucket and removing dead bait helps control acidity. The precision motor on the Bubble Box runs approximately 44 hours on 2 alkaline D cell batteries (not included) but will also operate up to 22 hours with just one battery. The aerator pump provides 1.14 standard liters of air per minute (based on use in 12 inches of water) for proper aeration. The included aerator pump has an impact resistant case with rubber booted switch. The 8 quart bait bucket with aerator pump can stand alone or will fit as an insert in standard 5 gallon bait buckets and in most 3.5 or 4.25 gallon bait buckets. The top of the insulated bait bucket includes 3 built in beverage holders.

8 quart bait bucket includes aeration pump, 24 inches of airline tubing and weighted air stone for greater dissolved oxygen to keep bait fish lively

Pump will run approximately 44 hours on 2 D cell batteries, or 22 hours on just 1 D cell battery

Ideal for use with fresh water baits such as minnows, salt water baits including shrimp, and ice-fishing baits

Can be used as a stand-alone bait bucket or as an insert to buckets up to 5 gallons

Insulated foam helps maintain constant water temperature important to keeping bait fish lively

Top of bait bucket includes cut outs which can be used as beverage holders

Helps make fishing fun for the entire family