Lodge Lpp3 8.25 Inch Cast Iron Panini Press

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The Lodge LPP3 8.25 Inch Cast Iron Panini Press holds heat like a champ, giving your meal attractive grill marks while speeding up the cooking time when preheated. It can turn a plain old sandwich into a classic creation and it works great as agrill press for steaks and chicken.

Seasoned with oil for a natural, easy-release finish that improves with use

Easy care: hand wash, dry, rub with cooking oil

At home in the oven, on the stove, on the grill or over the campfire

Great for induction cooktops

Handle and press are cast as one piece for decades of cooking

Unparalleled in heat retention and even heating

Fits the Lodge 10.5 inch square skillet and grill pan and round skillets 12 inches or larger