Lee Precision Auto Drum Powder Measure

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The Lee Precision Auto-Drum Powder Measure is an automatic case actuated drum powder measure. It allows for you to accurately and automatically dispense powder in your favorite cartridge. Two infinitely adjustable drums are included. These Quick Change drums will accurately and reliably drop charges from 1 to 80 grains of powder.

Case actuated; Never spill a charge; Exclusive elastomer wiper prevents powder shearing, works great with difficult metering extruded powders

Machined body with labyrinth groove mates to the precision molded nylon drums providing a leak free fit with the finest powders

Drum is actuated by a steel sector and pinion gear train; Quick-change hopper has on/off valve to quickly change powders

Sleek modern design, all gears springs and levers inside the die cast housing

Features swivel adapter, makes moving measure fast and convenient