Kamp Rite Camper 4 25 Degree Sleeping Bag

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The Kamp-Rite Camper 4 is an affordable, roomy sleeping bag for three-season campers. The Camper 4 delivers a warm, comfortable nights sleep time and again. The Camper which boasts a 25 degree F temperature rating is filled with 4 lbs of hypoallergenic Insul-Therm polyester fiberfill, a cozy material that provides good warmth retention. The bags quilt-through construction keeps the fill from bunching to help eliminate cold spots. Constructed of durable polyester outer shell and includes a carry bag.

25 Degree temperature rating

Polyester outer shell

4 lbs. of hypoallergenic Insul-Therm fill

Quilted construction to keep fill from bunching up and creating cold spots

Comfortable for 3 season campers

Sleep capacity: 1 person