Hyskore Portable Armorers Vise

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The Hyskore Portable Armorer’s Vise is the perfect gun servicing fixture at your work bench or take it to the range. The bench clamp fits from 3/8” to 2-3/8”. The vise rotates 360 degrees around a central axis and has an integral clutch that allows it to lock up at any angle. Guns can be held in any position for cleaning, scope mounting or maintenance. This means you can clean with the muzzle angled down so that chemicals and debris run out the muzzle and not into the action or trigger group. If you have an AR-15, remove the rear take down pin and grip the forend in the vise and the gun will be securely held while allowing full access to both receivers.

Solid welded steel construction

Rotates 360 degrees around a central axis

Clutch allows lock up at any position

Foam padded jaws

Clamps to table or bench