Hyskore Dual Damper Machine Rest

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The Hyskore Dual Damper Machine Rest is a precision sighting tool that will provide maximum repeatability. The rest features surgically precise and user friendly windage and elevation controls. We designed the dual damper rest to be able to progressively absorb the recoil pulse . The objective of this rest is to provide absolute maximum repeatability from shot to shot. This means that once a gun is properly mounted in the rest and the rest is properly secured to a table or platform that does not move it will repeat shot after shot. If the rest is mounted, and you have a 1 M.O.A. gun / ammo combo the rest will repeat at 1 M.O.A. If you have a 3 M.O.A. combo expect the rest to repeat at 3 M.O.A. The rest will not make a 3 M.O.A. gun produce results at 1 M.O.A. – Sorry! In order to achieve this degree of repeatability precision engineering and components were required. There are two N20 compression dampers that progressively absorb the recoil pulse and return the gun to battery. The compression dampers are fixed to the lower frame in the gun carrier assembly. The lower frame incorporates two longitudinal chrome plated shafts and the gun carrier assembly has four precision linear bearings that ride along these shafts. The windage adjustment, which can be operated from either the left or right side, uses the same technology. There are two linear bearings that ride on two chrome plated shafts to ensure a precise and smooth adjustment. The elevation can be operated by either hand via a capstan style knob which moves the forward gun support up or down and this assembly can be locked in place with a T handled bolt. In addition, in order to remove any possibility of shooter induced motion contamination the set is equipped with a remote hydraulic trigger release. Although the rest is primarily designed for a hands free calibration of gun, sight, and ammunition, the rear vise assembly can be removed exposing a platform for a rest bag for use at the range.

Dual nitrogen filled compression dampers progressively absorb recoil

Linear motion bearings and polished chrome rails insure repeatability

One hand elevation adjustment

Hydraulic trigger release included

Supports .22 LR thru .338 Win. Mar

Rugged tubular steel construction

Magnetic bubble level included