Guard Dog Electra Gift Set Pink + Pink

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Packaged together, Guard Dog 3,000,000 concealed lipstick Electra stun gun and Guard Dog 1/2 ounce and 18 percent keychain pepper spray. A thunderous stun gun, 100 lumen flashlight and red hot pepper spray all small and lightweight enough to carry anywhere you go. The 100 lumen flashlight is ideal for your everyday carry, however bright enough to blind an assailant before they are met with a volt thrashing stun gun. The 1/2 ounce pepper spray is fashionable and fierce. Simply twist the top nozzle to unlock, and fire to disable an attacker for up to one hour. Powered by the hottest ingredients out, Guard Dog pepper sprays also come with a Protected 4 Life program; in the event of usage you will receive a free pepper spray. Comes in pink and pink.

3,000,000 concealed pink stun gun

100 lumen pink flashlight

Added keychain for easy and instant usage

Rechargeable battery

1/2 ounce 18 percent OC keychain pepper spray

Firing range up to 16 feet

UV identifying dye