Full Throttle Speeder Towable Tube 2 Rider

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U-shaped wings allow you to accommodate tight turns and perfect control over the wake with the Full Throttle Speeder towable tube. The tube is fully covered with heavy-duty nylon for durability, The soft comfort body pad on the tube surface protects your upper body from abrasion. Six foam-filled handles with neoprene knuckle guards make it easier for riders to hold on tight. Boarding handles on the back assist riders to get back on the tube easily while in the water. Get out on the water quickly and back again at the end of the day thanks to a quick inflate and deflate Boston Valve. Heavy-duty EZ Connect provides easy and secure hook up and better towing control during the ride. Maximum weight of combined riders is 340 lbs

U-shaped fully covered winged towable

Comfort handles with neoprene knuckle guards

Rugged and durable nylon cover

Boarding assist straps make loading tube from water easier

2 rider tube with a Maximum Rider Weight of 340 lbs