Full Throttle Hubbub 2 Towable Tube 2 Rider

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Enjoy two completely different styles of riding from one towable with the Full Throttle Hubbub towable tube. Built for one or two riders, this towable features an air cushioned backrest and side walls to keep the riders onboard around every turn. The two-way tow design allows riders to sit seated against the inflatable backrest, or on their knees for chariot-style riding. The four foam-filled handles with neoprene knuckle guards and six padded grab straps allow for a sure grip. Two large comfort pads provide cushioning for either style of riding. The Hubbub features a Boston Valve for quick inflation or deflation, and a built in EZ Connect towing harness for easy rope hook up with better pull and control during the ride. Maximum weight of combined riders is 340 lbs

2-way towing points for multiple riding styles; Tow from the front for a seated secure ride or tow from the rear in kneeling position

Ten comfort grab handles

EVA seat pads for kneeling and sitting comfort

Rugged and durable nylon cover

2 rider tube with a Maximum Rider Weight of 340 lbs