Frankford Arsenal Electronic Caliper

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Reloading ammunition requires attention to many critical cartridge dimensions, including case length, neck and base diameters, overall length, primer pocket depth, etc. Verifying these dimensions is quick and convenient with the Frankford Arsenal Calipers. The calipers are accurate to within .001-Inch. The calipers allow you to measure inside and outside diameters, plus depths. You will find them useful for many measuring tasks on and off the reloading bench. Packaged in a convenient and protective case. The Frankford Arsenal 6 Inch Digital Caliper is an excellent tool for every reloading bench, measuring everything from the overall length of reloaded ammo to the diameter of cast bullets. This stainless steel caliper features a glass covered, high contrast LCD readout window, separate on/off buttons and a water and dust resistant surface. Battery Changing: To change the battery hold the caliper, LCD display facing up in the palm of your hand. Using your thumb push the tab with the triangle on top away from the LCD Display. This tab should pop right off and the battery can be accessed.

Protective Hard Case

One 1.55 Volt Silver Oxide Battery

Accurate to within .001-Inch

Allows you to measure inside and outside diameters, plus depths

Excellent tool for every reloading bench