De Santis The Insider Hlstr Glock 42 43 Sand W Mand P Cpt .22

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Carry your weapon in comfort and confidence with DeSantis' The Insider Holster. Heavy-duty steel spring clip is positioned high to ensure deep, undetectable cover. Soft unmolded leather construction minimizes bulk. Must be worn with a belt. Made in USA.

Contains design features to minimize bulk

Heavy-duty steel spring clip ensures deep cover

Must be worn with a belt

Soft unmolded leather construction

Fits: Kahr CW45/P45/P40/CW40/K40/P9/CW9/K9/PM45/CM45/PM40/MK40/CM40/PM9/MK9/CM9, Keltec P11/P40/PF9, Glock 42/43, Ruger LC9, S&W M&P CPT .22

Made in the USA