Davis Instruments Shockles Line Snubber Blue

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Davis Instruments Shockles LineSnubber are designed to absorb all shock loads at the dock, at the anchor, on a morring and on land. Shockles quiet anchor chain nose, and extend the life of dock lines and anchor lines by minimizing wear and chafe. LineSnubbers feature progressive tension design. The more they stretch the more tension it takes to stretch them. This minimizes the return force and dampens shock loads better than traditional rubber snubbers. LineSnubbers attach to the line by using a traditional clove hitch knot, or by using an optional Davis LineGrabber. The Davis LineSnubber is easilly adjusted for varying conditions and it can be readily moved from line to line, unlike rubber snubbers where the line is woven into the snubber. One size fits all boats and all line from 0.375 to 0.75 inch.

LineSnubber reduces shock to any line, cleat or ground tackle, including all bow rollers and rigging

Patented Line Stretch Limiter is combined with marine-grade elastomer for durability and strength

Hollow UV resistant nylon webbing is sewn over the internal mechanism and two 316 stainless steel carabiners allow for quick attachment

Reduces or eliminates noise from creaking, groaning dock lines or ground tackle; Jarring is minimized too

Compensates for tidal surge and chop from wind and waves

Rigged properly, LineSnubber keeps boats centered in the slip

Attaches, adjusts or removes quickly