Counter Assault Trailrunner Neoprene Holster Belt Sm Md

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Counter Assault Trailrunner Holster Belt is a great holster system to use when walking, jogging, fly fishing, and spending time on the trails in bear country. This holster will fit our 8.1 oz. and 10.2 oz bear spray canisters. The holster comes in two sizes and will easily adjust to your waist size. With the Velcro closure system you will feel confident your bear spray will stay securely in the holster until it is removed. The holster is universal Right or Left handed and can be worn in the front or in the back. If your not in bear country you can carry a water bottle in this holster as well. Always carry the "Red Can" and practice Bear Safety in the field.

Designed to fit both our 8.1 oz. and 10.2 oz. Counter Assault bear spray canisters

Velcro closure system to secure your bear spray in the holster

Easily adjusts to fit a 24" to 32" waist

Universal Right or Left Handed

Can be worn with front or back access

Also fits water bottles

Bear Spray Not Included