Cold Steel Kitchen Classic Set 13 Piece With Block

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The Kitchen Classics feature a newly re-designed handle to ensure a secure, yet comfortable grip. Featuring a stiff Zy-Ex core on the inside for durability, with a softer, food-safe Kray-Ex exterior for the kind of non-slip grip that must be felt to be appreciated! More comfortable, convenient and secure in hand, and delightfully easy to clean – the new and improved Kitchen Classics series is better than ever!

Blade length: Assorted

Overall length: Assorted

Blade material: 4116

Handle material: Polymer

13 Piece Set

Includes: block stand, 1 paring knife, 1 boning knife, 1 utility knife, 1 chef's knife, 1 bread knife, 1 slicer, 6 steak knives

Block stand is made out of Oak