Code Blue Scrape Mate 1oz

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The Code Blue Scrape Mate creates unbelievable scrape activity during the early and late season and rubbing anywhere bucks are marking their territory. Containing pure buck urine collected from a single buck then intensified with glandular secretions, this unique hunting product arouses curiosity during the early season and sends a strong territorial-infringement signal during the late season. Pour it on a scrape and watch the bucks keep it fresh. Trophy bucks are notoriously nocturnal, but Scrape Mate can help you pattern them all season long.

Pure buck urine intensified with natural gland secretions

Delivers a strong, musky smell that drives bucks wild

Promotes activity at primary and mock scrapes and helps pattern monster bucks

Use early season as a curiosity scent and late season as a territorial-infringement scent

From One Deer to One Bottle collection guarantees every bottle contains urine from one deer