Atn Tico Lt 320 50 Mm Thermal Clip On Scope

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With so many Thermal Scope options in the marketplace, ATN is proud to introduce a product that will meet the needs of those traditionalists that just can’t part ways with their old tech glass scopes. Introducing the newly redesigned ATN TICO LT 320 50mm Thermal Clip-On Scope, a much slimmer and more ergonomic system than the previous TICO model. Now using the latest ATN Obsidian LT Core with 12 micron sensors. For the best image quality and the extended range that customers demand. Incorporating our proprietary internal battery which will give you up 10 hours in the field use. Nothing to zero or worry about. Just mount the TICO LT in front of your glass scope and you are ready for anything Day or Night.

Resolution: 320x240 pixels

Magnification: 1.5x-3x

Field of view: 4.5 degrees x3 degrees

Display Resolution: 1280x960 px

Color modes: White Hot / Black Hot

IP rating: Weather resistant

Internal Lithium Ion Battery: 9+ hrs