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Travel light and fast with the AMK Ultralight and Watertight .5 Medical Kit, which weighs only 3.6 oz. With enough first aid supplies for a pair of adventurers heading out for 1-2 days, this 100 percent waterproof first aid kit lets you be prepared while keeping weight to a minimum. Designed for multi-sport athletes, the Ultralight and Watertight .5 is ideal for ultralight hiking, kayaking, skiing, and mountain biking. Need some extra space? Attach the kit to the outside of your pack or kayak with no fear, as the two layers of rugged waterproofing protection keep the contents safe and dry, even in the most extreme elements. The rugged packaging and compact, lightweight design will perform whatever the conditions thanks to the DryFlex bag, the ultimate in waterproof storage. Packed with preparedness supplies to clean and bandage wounds, treat muscle aches, dress blisters, and treat other common outdoor injuries, the kit even has extra room for some personal additions. Whatever your chosen adventure, the Ultralight and Watertight .5 has the essentials you need in packaging that will not let you down.

2-Stage Waterproofing: Inner DryFlex bags and outer siliconized nylon bag with water-resistant zipper

Clean and Close Wounds: Antiseptic wipes and butterfly bandages for closing small wounds

Manage Pain and Illnesses: A wide array of medications to treat pain, inflammation, and common allergies

Stabilize Fractures and Sprains: Wraps and bandages to immobilize fractures and provide support

Stop Blisters Before they Start: Die-cut Moleskin plus Skin Tac topical adhesive to protect against the hiker's number 1 injury

Bug Removal: Safely remove ticks and splinters with specially designed forceps