Amk Sportsman 200 Medical Kit

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Don’t let a nasty fall, slipped knife, or stuck fishhook ruin your weekend in the backcountry. Specifically designed to treat sportsmen’s common injuries, the AMK Sportsman 200 Medical Kit contains enough first aid supplies for a group of four on trips up to four days. Add this wilderness first aid kit to your hunting gear, snowmobile backpack, ATV bag, fishing gear, or archery equipment for a portable first aid kit you can count on. The external kit map and Easy Care Organization System let you quickly find what you need in an emergency, while the reflective design makes this first aid kit easy to find, even in the dark. Quality contents like moleskin, medications, EMT shears, and a trauma pad set the standard in backcountry care and are organized into clearly-labeled pockets. Whether you’re looking for a hunting first aid kit, fishing first aid kit, or a compact first aid kit for your vehicle, with the Sportsman Series you can have confidence you’re prepared when accidents occur.

Includes: Wilderness and Travel Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide

Trauma Supplies: Stop bleeding with the trauma pad; Stabilize fractures and sprains using the wide elastic bandage and a variety of other dressings

Find it Fast Design

Backcountry Wound Care - Clean and close wounds using the irrigation syringe, butterfly closures, EMT shears, and more hospital-quality supplies

Easy Care Organization System: Provide fast and effective care in emergencies

Blister Protection: Stop blisters before they start with die-cut moleskin, the most reliable dressing to reduce friction and prevent blisters

Bug Removal: Safely remove ticks and splinters with specially designed forceps